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"The breathtaking production features splendidly choreographed variations!" - New York Post

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The 70 artists of the Igor Moiseyev Ballet take us hence on an adventure the world over and through the areas of the previous Soviet Union, uncovering an amazing huge number of old stories, including Moldovan, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Nanai, Kalmyk, Tatar, Adjaran and Caucasian.

The Igor Moiseyev State Academic Folk Dance Ensemble is the sole proficient choreographic group on the planet occupied with aesthetic understanding and advancement of people move old stories.

The gathering was sorted out on February 10, 1937, and from that point forward the fundamental aesthetic standards of its improvement are congruity and imaginative cooperation of conventions and advancement. The fundamental assignment that the author of the group Igor Moiseyev (1906-2007) set out of the blue before the craftsmen was the innovative preparing of the examples of legends that existed at the time in the USSR. To this end, the group’s specialists went to old stories endeavors around the nation, where they found and recorded vanishing moves, melodies, customs. Subsequently, the primary projects of the gathering showed up: “Moves of the Peoples of the USSR” (1937-1938), “Moves of the Baltic people groups” (1939). In the collection of the outfit legends tests got another stage life and were safeguarded for a few ages of watchers around the globe. For this reason Igor Moiseyev utilized all methods for picturesque culture: different types and sorts of moves, symphonic music, dramaturgy, scenography, acting abilities.

A critical stage was the improvement and inventive translation of European legends. The program “Moves of the Slavic Peoples” (1945) was made in interesting conditions: without having a chance to travel to another country, Igor Moiseyev reproduced live instances of move innovativeness, counseling with artists, folklorists, students of history, musicologists. On visit in 1946 in Poland, Hungary, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, the gathering of people was stunned by the exactness of the preparations, the genuine aesthetic importance of the stage works of the outfit. Since that time and as of recently the group is a school and an inventive lab for choreographers of various nations, and its collection fills in as a sort of choreographic reference book of the move culture of the people groups of the world. With the immediate support of surely understood specialists in the old stories of choreographers Miklosha Rabai (Hungary), Lubusz Guinková (Czechoslovakia), A Sung Hee (Korea), whom Moiseyev pulled in to work, the “Harmony and Friendship” (1953) program was made. Asian move old stories of eleven nations.

Choreographic groups in every one of the republics of the USSR (presently the CIS nations), just as in numerous European nations, were made after the model of the people move outfit of Igor Moiseyev.

The group of society move is the principal Soviet aggregate, which was discharged amid the “Iron Curtain” on visit. In 1955 the craftsmen of the gathering performed without precedent for Paris and London. The triumph of the Soviet move troupe filled in as the initial move towards worldwide tranquility. In 1958 Igor Moiseyev’s gathering likewise was the first of the local groups to perform in the USA. Fruitful visits, the American press perceived, dissolved the ice of doubt towards the USSR and turned into the reason for setting up new, valuable relations between our nations.

Another critical value of the Folk Dance Ensemble is the formation of the one of a kind, one of a kind on the planet Moiseev School of Dance . Its particular highlights are high demonstrable skill, virtuosic specialized gear, capacity to exchange the improvisational idea of individuals’ execution. Performing artists, raised by Igor Moiseyev, are broadly instructed, all inclusive craftsmen, conversant in a wide range of move, fit for making an interpretation of the national character into an aesthetic picture. The artist of the Moiseev school is the best suggestion anyplace on the planet, in a choreographic group of any course. The craftsmen of the group were granted the titles of Honored and People’s Artists of the USSR and Russia.